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12:37 p.m. - Monday, Feb. 19, 2007
Thanks to argentum I learned of the existence of project playlist, and I, too, even I succumbed to the delusion that the great wide world gives a f*ck what music I like. Hence the playlist down at the bottom of the page, which I can't even listen to because most of those songs are long and take forever to download on my pitiful dial-up connection. Not that I care, because I have them all on CD; and not that you care, either, Dear Reader, because you don't give a f*ck what music I like.

Besides, I wasn't able to get some of my favorites e.g., I searched on the 5th movement of Brahms' Deutsches Requiem by typing in "brahms ihr habt nun traurigkeit" and got, among other things, a song by some entity calling itself Green NuN, "Dominique" by the Singing Nun (which God spare me) and "Fun Loving Nun" by Of Montreal (what? by whom?). But apparently Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit is not available.

Not that it matters to the great wide world, or to me, either.


It's 45 freakin' degrees outside and it feels like summer. Dog#3 is not curled up in her cozy doghouse; she's stretched out on the cement sidewalk (that only spot that's not buried in snow), letting the sun warm her belly. Soon the whole world will be mud and my lovely walks with Dog#2 will be not so lovely anymore.


My hands hurts because I was screwing for about an hour yesterday, and that's with a screwdriver, people, not the other kind, unfortunately.

I had to do all that screwing to remove, reposition and replace the metal frame of the screen door in my front porch. The door opening decided to change dimensions, so the front door would no longer close, which was really tiresome, e.g., when we had that howling blizzard last week and I had to tie the door shut with twine and use the backdoor.

It's probably my own fault that the opening changed dimensions in the first place, because in the slow process of renovating the porch, I have taken away many things that used to keep the wind out, so the interior is more exposed to the weather.

But anyway, I fixed it all by myself, and now I feel all competent and sore.

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