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5:20 p.m. - Friday, Feb. 23, 2007
Got My Mojo Back
My cooking mojo, that is. I just made the most incredibly delicious Carribean Chicken Stew with Black Beans (well, it was supposed to be chicken but I used turkey). Who knew that putting cinnamon and cloves (yuck!) in a poultry stew would be so freakin' delicious?

OK, a lot of Carribean people knew. And a lot of people who like Carribean food. And I would have found out a long time ago if I'd been a little more adventurous. But I'd be paging through my favorite cookbook, 1,000 Low-Fat Soups and Stews, looking for a recipe to try, and I'd see that cinnamon and those cloves in the ingredient list, and I'd think, "Gross!"

I'd think wrong.

But you still won't get me to try any dish involving sweet potatoes. No how, no way.
Yesterday was fun, and I say that in a sarcastic way.

Early morning = getting my 500 words.

Late morning = doing on taxes on-line, and whoever designed the H+R Block website needs to be fired.

Early afternoon = dentist. He novocained me up so well that my mouth was still numb five hours later.

Late afternoon = walk in Surprise Park with Dog#2 and it was MUD, MUD, MUD!

But today was better. So. Now Dog#1 is asking to be let back in, so 'bye.


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