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1:12 p.m. - Tuesday, Jul. 27, 2004
Medical Report and Monotony
Biopsy negative. My doctor is putting me on medoxyprogesterone therapy. If it works, I won't have to have surgery. But I don't start taking the pills until August 3. I wonder how long it will take my blood supply to build itself back up, if the hormone stuff works?

I was actually sort of hoping I would have to have some kind of surgery, just to break up the monotony of my life.

I should learn to appreciate the small things in life. Example: on Saturday, while sawing up the tree that fell in my backyard, I accidentally caused part of a tree limb fall on my little toe. Now I'm crippled. THAT breaks up the monotony of walking normally, doesn't it? See? I should count my blessings.


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