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9:45 a.m. - Friday, Jul. 23, 2004
I Told You So!
I forgot to mention the results of my ultrasound: my uterine lining is twice the normal thickness and I have a fibroid tumor an inch and a half in size. These results corroborate my perception that my periods are 'way too heavy. So my doctor thinks my anemia is hereby explained.

I'm going in to see him this afternoon to hear about the biopsy results and talk about treatment.

I also "forgot" to mention that I canceled my colonoscopy after reading on various websites that this procedure is not recommended routinely until you reach the age of 50. I figure it's not only a waste of time in my case, it's also a big pain in the ass (ha! ha! — but I'm talking more about the preparation for it, which involves a lot of laxatives and no food). So I canceled. Oh sweet reprieve.


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