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9:06 p.m. - Saturday, Jan. 24, 2004
Tired but Wired

Look at that maniacal stare. I suspect I have that same stare right now. I'm tired as hell but I don't feel sleepy. And I didn't even have that much coffee today! I just took a sleeping pill. I've got to get some rest.

That photo is a doll in the window of a jewelry store in the Chicago Loop. I've always been amused by her, because presumably she is supposed to entice people in there, yet her expression is utterly insane. If I were a guy going into that store to get my girlfriend an engagement ring, seeing that doll would make me reconsider. Should I expect my girlfriend to turn into Bridezilla? Will this engagement ring drive her out of her mind?

I read a little article in the Trib last Wednesday about some guy's theory that in a materialistic culture, you spend on what you value: ergo, if people are spending more and more on weddings, it's evidence that they value — I'm not sure if he said they value weddings or marriage. The argument is much weaker if he's arguing the latter. Weddings have very little to do with marriage.

OK, I think the sleeping pill is starting to kick in. Bye.


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