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3:01 p.m. - Friday, Jan. 23, 2004
Do Dogs Smell Better Than Me At This Point In Time?

Person A: I have a dog with no nose.

Person B: How does he smell?

Person A: Just terrible!

I hope this stuff smells as good as I think it does. I mean, people who get on the elevator with that gag-inducing perfume must have thought it smelled good, or they wouldn't have put it on in the first place ... or would they?

It's called "Spring Fever," it's from (c)Origins, and I think it smells very light and spring-like. I bought it at Marshall Field's today.

I hate ... no, I love ... no, I HATE perfume departments at major stores. I love the perfume, the bottles, the colors, the scents (some of them), but I HATE the hawk-like salespersons who swoop down on you if you even look as if you might hesitate as you're walking through the department. In a way, I'm glad they do that, because it's so annoying that every time I go through a perfume department, it's eyes forward and quick pace — thus I don't squander my money on perfume very often. But I tried this scent yesterday, and when, two hours later, it was still pleasing — it hadn't turned into THE THING THAT WON'T WASH OFF MY WRIST as so many perfumes do — I decided to go back and buy it.

I wanted the small size. The salesperson tried to convince me to buy the large size. I said no. Then the salesperson tried to convince me to buy two things so I could get a third thing free. I said no. Why in God's name can't they just let you buy your stuff peacefully?

OK, that's my stupid post for the day. Back to work now.


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