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3:47 p.m. - Tuesday, Jul. 29, 2003
Reading and Dreaming
When I went to bed at 11, I thought I would skip the codeine syrup so I could get up more easily in the morning. About 2:30 AM, after lying awake, tossing and turning, my throat hurting like hell, my head aching, I got up and took the wretched codeine syrup. And slept like a baby until 5:00 AM.

If my throat would just stop hurting! This is getting really tiresome. I'm tired of sleeping. :) haha. Never thought I'd say that.

djc360 inspired me to order The Birth and Death of Meaning; I wonder if it will compare with the astonishing Escape from Evil. Also, while I was at it, I ordered some Norman Brown and Otto Rank, which probably are better when filtered through Becker, but what the hell. I got 'em cheap. :D

I should put aside Proust's correspondence until I'm retired and have plenty of time on my hands, assuming I live that long, which I hope I don't. :) I really do not know why I'm reading it. It's pleasant, of course; beyond pleasant, because you don't perceive the hypocrisy of a letter; if Proust seems to gush over a book of Montesquiou, or thank him for a favor, you don't really know how persistently he was avoiding him in real life; you read only the charming letter. All the world is charming, grateful, adored and adoring in these letters.


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