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3:42 p.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2003
Banner Envy
I'm simply delighted by the wit and imagination people display in their Diaryland banners. It almost makes me want to submit my own banner ... but then, of course, my banner would lack wit, imagination and animation since I'm too cheap to spring for the gif software and I don't know anybody who has it.

Besides, it would be a bit odd, on my part, to try to induce people to come and read this diary, since, in my personal view, it is extraordinarily lame. My parallel diary may be just as lame, but at least I'm shielded from the perception of its lameness by the language barrier.

Only one banner I clicked on led to something really bizarre: a man who believes that all churches are in league with Satan. I read what he had written on his site, and it appears that serious delusion can go hand-in-hand with programming skill far superior to any that I shall ever possess. So a person can be quite functional and quite delusional at the same time, and that scares me. Rationally delusional people scare me. I'd rather deal with a raving idiot, I think.

Actually I'd rather deal with an entirely rational, non-delusional person in all instances. :)


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