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9:37 p.m. - Wednesday, Mar. 28, 2007
I Fell Off the Wagon
And I'd been doing so well. I'd occasionally go on eBay and look just look at the various antique diaries being offered. And virtuously refuse to bid on any of them.

Boredom, I guess. Bored out of my mind at work. After looking at every other website I usually look at, I went to eBay. Noticed a four-volume set of diaries/log books of an insurance adjuster, spanning the years 1911-1920. Hmm... could be interesting, I thought. I'll just bid $35.00. And then the dreaded "You have been outbid" notice and the predictable "Outbid me, will you, you bastard?" response from me, and I upped it to $45.00. Half hoping I'd be outbid again. But I wasn't.

I hope at least the journals will be somewhat interesting when I finally get them.

Must stay OFF eBay. Must, must, must.

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