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9:55 p.m. - Friday, Mar. 16, 2007
You Are Getting Sleepy.....
The self-hypnosis CD I ordered arrived in the mail today. It's for Past Life Regression.

Now I can just hear you asking, "Lily, you idiot, why are you ordering a self-hypnosis CD for past life regression when you know perfectly well you don't believe in past lives?"

Hey, I just want to see what happens, OK?

I've been listening to self-hypnosis tapes and CDs sporadically for about six years, and here's my take on them: they don't affect me in precisely the way they're intended to, but they do affect me, and in a positive way.

The very first one I got, a crudely produced cassette tape, was for anxiety reduction, because I was having problems dealing with an abusive person at work. Listening to the tape didn't help me deal with the abuse. But after a couple months of listening to that tape regularly, something just went click in my brain, and I started writing. I had this burst of creativity beyond anything I'd ever experienced. I started writing out this story I'd had in my head for years and years. I suddenly conceived this entirely new character whose presence raised the story above the level of maudlin tripe where, I must admit, it had previously been.

So, off and on since then, I've been buying other recordings -- CDs now, and some of them beautifully produced; see, e.g., this guy's stuff. I have his CDs for "Raise Your Energy and Increase Your Motivation," "Develop A Powerful Memory," and "Unleash Your True Potential." They're a pleasure to listen to. At the same time, I believe that any increase I've recently experienced in my energy and any improvement in my memory have been due to my going to part-time work and GETTING ENOUGH FREAKIN' SLEEP FOR A CHANGE!

But I think the CDs do something nice to me, so I keep listening to them.

And now I'm going to listen to my new Past Life Regression CD, so if it causes me to get possessed by Satan, the next entry in this diary will be by the Prince of Darkness or one of his minions.


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