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6:56 p.m. - Friday, Mar. 09, 2007
Expanded Definition
I decided to expand the definition of "drawing." So this morning I drew for an hour and planned picture captions for 15 minutes and went outside and took photos of horses for 15 minutes. Well, not 15 minutes. I spent about ten of those minutes just leaning on the fence and talking to one cream-colored horse who seemed to like me in spite of the fact that I had no carrots to give him/her, which is unusual. Unusual that a horse would be interested in a non-carrot-bearing person, I mean; not that I usually have carrots, because I don't.

Now aren't you sorry you clicked on my diary? :D

So, anyway, here's a first attempt to convert one of those sketches-from-photos into a coloring-book-appropriate drawing. I have a photo of Gwen going down a slide head-first, so I tried to make that into Gwen flying through the air, looking down at the housetop.

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