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8:45 p.m. - Thursday, Mar. 08, 2007
Draw-A-Thon Continues
I don't draw very well when I'm tired, and I'm very tired this evening. Dog-walking in the morning, dentist early afternoon, then grocery shopping, then home to spend a couple hours out in the cold washing my car and cutting up fallen tree-limbs with the chainsaw. Something about working out in the cold makes me horrifically tired in the evening. So I made myself draw for another hour even though it seemed hopeless, nothing was coming out right, and I simply CANNOT draw children's hands.

I suppose it's like when I was taking piano lessons as a child, and I had to play scales over and over and over until I wanted to kill myself. Or until playing a perfect scale came to me as easily as breathing. I'm drawing children's hands badly over and over in the hope that eventually I'll start drawing children's hands well.

The other night I got so sick of drawing from my usual collection of photos that I got out my copy of Stanley Burns' Sleeping Beauty: Memorial Photography in America and drew from there. Not a good idea, actually, if your goal is to develop your ability to draw living people. Because dead people just don't look the same. Even sleeping, we living folk have muscle tone that our non-living friends don't.

Here's one of the more ambiguous ones:

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I'm behind schedule; for March 8, I should be at 12.8 hours, and I'm only at 11.

Eyes. That's another thing I don't do very well. Maybe I'll spend a few hours tomorrow drawing eyes badly. Then I'll hang myself.


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