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10:04 p.m. - Sunday, Mar. 04, 2007
Plugging Away
Woo hoo! Dr. Hack used my question. I'm so flattered.


An hour this morning, another 1.5 hours just now. Drew children, dogs; turned to Muybridge and his naked men. Here's one of my sketches this guy cheated and wore a little jockstrap:

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Got out a book on Raphael that I bought, oh, about 15 years ago. Drew sketches from his sketches. Rather reassuring to see how he cocked up some of his sketches. Also how ugly his babies are.


One thing you can do in winter that you can't do in summer provided there's snow is follow the deer paths through the woods.

Dog#2 and I did that this afternoon. Those deer go up and down some pretty steep slopes. Going down one, my feet slipped in the mud and I sat down. Got mud all over the seat of my jeans. Good thing I was out in the middle of the woods where nobody could see me.

We were almost back to the car when I happened to look across the field toward where the trees begin. There I saw a deer looking at me. He stood still and so did I. He flickered his ears around I didn't. Finally I guess he decided I was no threat, so he trotted away from the trees, across the open field. In the middle of it, he stopped and looked back toward the trees.

Then four other deer came filing out of the woods, following him.

They all crossed the field and stood just behind the trees that line the road. I could see the vapor of their breath. They crossed the road safely, crossed the next field over. The next time I saw them, they were standing at the far side of that field. A train was going by, and it was blocking their path. They stood and watched it, looking nervous and a bit confused. Deer are pretty, but they're not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

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