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11:21 a.m. - Sunday, Feb. 25, 2007
Ice Storm
The weather people were predicting doom and destruction in the form of an overnight ice storm. From time to time in the night I would wake and hear the sound of the wind howling and things hitting and sliding down my roof.

When I got up in the morning, here's what my driveway looked like (click for full-size):


Here's what my side front yard:

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Here's Dog#3 posing very prettily with a fallen limb in the back yard:

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And here Dog#3 is trying to help with the clean-up out by the old barn. Good girl!

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So, basically, all my big elm trees got trimmed. I guess I should be glad that no roofs were broken, but still, I'm looking around at that mess and thinking how many hours I'll have to spend cutting those limbs up and hauling them out by the railroad tracks when I could be sitting inside my nice warm house doing something much less tiresome.


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