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8:27 p.m. - Saturday, Feb. 03, 2007
Only a Second Draft
It's only a second draft.

That's what I keep saying to myself, so I won't panic and slit my wrists.

I decided I'm close enough to being finished with the first draft of my NaNo '06 (Relative Strangers). Time to stop having fun and get down to work on the second draft of my NaNo '05 (A Man Around the House). So I'm re-reading what I've got so far in the second draft of A Man Around the House.

Second draft. Second draft. It's only a second draft, Lily. Calm down.

Yeah, it sucks like a horseshoe, it's boring, stupid, clumsy, it's the worst piece of crap ever written but it's only a second draft.

Only a second draft....

Only a second draft....

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