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9:38 p.m. - Monday, Nov. 01, 2004
Or Maybe He Senses That Kerry Is Going to Win
Friday morning Henry didn't want to get out of bed to go outside, nor even to have his breakfast. I let him stay in bed. I spent the day at work thinking that I would need to take him to the vet on Saturday to be put to sleep.

When I came home Friday evening Henry greeted me at the door, wagging his tail. He was VERY hungry and ate his dinner gladly.

I'm really surprised at how he has rallied. He wags his tail several times a day now. His appetite is better. He even seems more confident in going down the stairs.

What happened? I don't suppose it could possibly be all the affection that's been lavished on him this past week? Nah ....


I don't know how children tolerate this Halloween candy. I'm trying to eat the leftovers and, really, the only pleasure I'm getting is in eating something forbidden, because this stuff tastes like crap. Hershey's 'Smores? Gag!!!! Even York Peppermint Patties, which I really liked as a child, are way too sweet.


I am so excited about the election. I'm hoping that two days from now I won't be looking back at this evening nostagically, thinking how happy I was, how innocent, to think that Kerry/Edwards could actually win, how blessed, to have such illusions. I hope, I hope, I hope.


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