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5:07 p.m. - Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2004
I Want a Goddamn Hysterectomy
The medroxyprogesterone seemed to be working for two cycles, but the ways things have been going for the past three days, I may as well have been taking Make-U-Bleedalot pills. Now my boss wants me to stay late and I'm having an attack of violent cramps. I'm on my fourth day, you stupid uterus, what the hell have you got to cramp about NOW??????

I'm sure now I'll get some comments from female readers along the lines of "You only have violent cramps on your fourth day? Trying having them all six days!!" Why does every conversation among women on this topic degenerate into a pain-and-misery contest?

"Me, I have violent cramps for two weeks straight!"

"Well, every time I get my period, one of my fingers falls off!"

"Consider yourself lucky! Half the time I lose an arm or a leg!"

"Oh, yeah? Well, every time I get my period, I die and descend into Hell for three days!"

"Only three days??? You lucky duck!"


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