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12:25 p.m. - Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2004
Shaded-Lily Went Up the Hill
On impulse I went to Border's, where I found Reginald Hill's Death's Jest-Book in paperback. I bought it, of course. Now I'm a happy girl. However, I haven't read it yet; after I read it I may be a less happy girl. But then, it's a Dalziel/Pascoe mystery, so how could it be bad? — I've yet to read one I didn't like. His non-D/P mysteries are always well written; I really liked A Very Good Hater and Fell of Dark. It's only when he gets into those professional-killer-type stories that my enthusiasm wanes, in spite of the good writing, because it's always the same goddamn story: an emotionally damaged woman, who is a single (or so she thinks) mom with an utterly charming child, who (the child) is more or less in jeopardy, who (the woman) gets emotionally and then sexually involved with the hero who, sooner or later, finds himself struggling against the evil mastermind, who turns out to be said woman's ex-husband!!!!!, who is actually still alive!!!! and really, really nasty!!!! — but don't worry, he gets his comeuppance in the end.

This leads me to wonder whether Reginald Hill's wife had a first husband, and Mr. Hill is the jealous type?


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