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9:45 p.m. - Sunday, Aug. 29, 2004
Goodnight, Folks
Inspector Morse is chasing a suspicious character through a hospital, and I'm thinking: "Don't run so fast! You've got a bad heart!"

Morse is dead. John Thaw is dead. It's rather depressing to watch these Mystery! re-runs now.

And when the hell are we going to get the Dalziel/Pascoe mysteries on this side of the ocean? Don't tell me they're already on BBC America. I don't have cable! I don't have cable because of my frugality, that red cord that runs through the rope of my life, that shows up in odd places, such as my television, and my microwave, where I heat up a bottle of moisturizing lotion in order to get the last little bit out of the bottom where the pump won't reach, and my sewing table, where for many, many years I made do with an old, bent hem gauge, whose indicator that wouldn't stay where I put it, because it simply didn't occur to me that I was making enough money to go out and buy a dozen goddamn hem gauges if I wanted to.

............Now, how the hell am I supposed to think of a title for this post?


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