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3:37 p.m. - Monday, Jul. 19, 2004
It's Hard Work, But Somebody Has to Do It
I have to go out in the backyard almost every evening to keep Maya company, since she's been banished from the house and is alone most of the time now.

I mean to stay there only about half an hour, because I have so much other stuff that needs doing. But sometimes I'm surprised, when I come back into the house and look at the clock, that I've spent almost an hour out there with Maya. I toss the tennis ball for her, wrestle with her, brush her coat; loll around on the grass the way I used to when I was a child; listen the the birds sing and watch them fly back and forth across the yard to my bird-feeders; look at the clouds and watch them change shape and color as the sun sets. I do it all for Maya. I'm so dedicated and self-sacrificing when it comes to my doggies.


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