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10:55 a.m. - Monday, Jun. 14, 2004
I'm Shocked! SHOCKED!
I think it is perfectly shocking and disgusting that we are all walking around PERFECTLY NAKED under our clothes!

Have we no shame?

It's SICK!

In a related note, why, when we're in a public bathroom and we come out from our respective stalls, where we've been hiding to do everybody-knows-perfectly-well what — why, I say, don't we look each other in the eye and ask each other, "Are we all CRAZY?"

Why is it HUMILIATING to be seen NAKED?

People, I tell you, this anemia is messing with my head. Yesterday I kept finding myself assuming that I was on vacation.

Forgetful, absent-minded. Put my foot on the gas when I meant the brake, just once, and thank God nobody was in front of me.

Tired as friggin' hell. Mowed the backyard yesterday, hauled the clippings out to the tomato garden, then had to come in and sit down for half an hour. Hands shaking.

And NAKED under my clothes.


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