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12:54 p.m. - Wednesday, May. 12, 2004
Random Stupid Thoughts, Don't Read This
Made appt. to see dr. on May 25.

Little more research, found a few more symptoms of anemia that match mine:

fatigue and weakness
dizziness spells
pica (since last summer: bizarre, intense cravings for cement dust or sand)
insomnia (can't sleep when I'm supposed to during the week, can't do anything but sleep on weekend when I'd rather be doing something else)
total loss of sex drive


Maya has to be an outside dog so long as Laetitia is living. Titia will never stop her thieving ways no matter how many times Maya bites her, and Maya will never stop objecting violently to Titia's thieving ways. Maya's not going to like being outside all the time, and I'm not going to like it either, because she's a sweet, funny dog and I love to have her around, but I just can't take the stress of constantly watching her and Titia to make sure no fights break out. She went after Titia last night, when Titia was messing with the food bowls, even though I screamed at her as she was just getting up. That was the last straw.


one more symptom I forgot: difficulty concentrating.


[further update]
yet another symptom I forgot: apathy. But it's not really important, is it?

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