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12:04 a.m. - Monday, May. 03, 2004
Death or Something Like It
I don't know which is going to happen to me first — menopause or death — and at this point I don't give a damn. Just as long as ONE of them happens SOON.

If anybody saw Prime Suspect this evening, please let me know what happened. I slept through it because I felt like sh*t on a stick after mowing the lawn. I slept most of the day Saturday, I had a nap early this afternoon, and had a few unpleasant moments, after I started mowing, when I thought I would be too weak to continue. Knees shaking and all that. But I kept going, I finished, then I came in and started feeling like death's little sister. So — another "nap." Now I'm OK, just cramping like hell, but so what, I've been doing THAT for two solid days now.

We had a blood drive Friday but they wouldn't take my blood because my iron count is too low. However, according to what I read on the Internet, a low iron count doesn't make you tired unless you're anemic. I suppose I should try to find out if I'm anemic but I'm just too fucking tired.


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