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3:20 p.m. - Tuesday, Apr. 27, 2004
Never Mind; or, The Confessions of a Spendthrift
Somewhere in an antique trunk in my shed at home, there is a letter my mother wrote to me when I was in college, saying that I "spend money like a drunken sailor."

God rest her soul! She was right, and still is.

I just ordered all the stuff on my own amazon.com Wish List, plus some other stuff. All Reginald Hill books. All to the tune of about $160. After spending $60 on cheeky pants yesterday.

I'm hopeless.

I was really TRYING to save money, but then along came my niece's shower, and once you've spent $105 on baby stuff, why even bother? and once you've had to order a new bookcase, because that old cheap barrister-type thing was just unbearable, and once you've resigned yourself to the fact that you can't quit your job for another two years, what's left for you to do? what other balm for your aching heart?


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