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10:37 a.m. - Sunday, Apr. 18, 2004
Beware! Spoiler Entry!
Although, seriously, I don't suppose anybody but me cares about how an old out-of-print murder mystery ends. I have been going about getting Reginald Hill's old stuff (having to buy it used through Amazon.com) — and I just received one from 1971 entitled Fell of Dark, and I read it eagerly, and you know what? Turns out THE BOY SCOUT DID IT!!!!!!!


I love you, Reginald Hill!


In other news, it's the last day of my vacation and Jesus H. Christ, I will be so glad to get back to work where I can sit still and rest! I spent one lovely day trying to attend to the really interesting things in life, and then I got completely caught up in all the work that needs to be done around this place. Now I'm tired as hell.

- hauled the old bookcase out to the shed, assembled the new one, rigged up a fourth shelf b/c three weren't enough

- got my car serviced

- planted four plum trees

- put up the oriole and hummingbird feeders

- changed the spark plugs, air filters and oil in my mower, tiller and brush cutter

- couldn't get my goddamn Mantis tiller to start, took it to the dealer to get it fixed

- mowed the back yard

- tilled the future expansion of the raspberry patch and this year's soon-to-be tomato patch

- got my summmer clothes out and my winter clothes put away

- got the chainsaw out, cut down and chopped up some trees

- went shopping, bought all kinds of tiresome crap

- bought five two-by-fours to make a bench for the front yard, sanded them, put two coats of varnish on, one more coat to go

Damn, just typing all that makes me tired.

Now I'm trying to figure out what I have the energy to do today.


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