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2:05 p.m. - Monday, Apr. 12, 2004
Vacation Begins
Oh what a delicious two hours I spent going over things I had written earlier, and writing a little tiny bit more. I must be honest: first I had a nap. I get up, have breakfast, then take a nap. :) Marvelous!

I let myself get so caught up in things that are superficially fun but fundamentally bore the hell out of me, like my new pattern-making software and the pretty silks I can buy over the Internet at www.fashionfabricsclub.com — and there is a creative aspect to sewing that I really enjoy — but then I realize I've been neglecting things I enjoy even more, although they are more difficult — and a rare occasion like a vacation is not something I should sacrifice to the girlish desire to have a new dress.

But now it's afternoon, and the barometric pressure of all the things I have to do to maintain my household has knocked down my slender artistic saplings, as it were, hahhaha, what a stupid metaphor, anyway, what I'm going to do now is put together my new bookcase to replace that STUPID, CHEAP barrister-type bookcase with the plastic thingies that break and can't be replaced and then you have the glass doors to each shelf just sitting there precariously balanced and ready to fall out at the wag of a tail.


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