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7:16 p.m. - Monday, Mar. 29, 2004
This Lady Is Seriously Nuts
If I play games with people's heads, it's only because my head plays games with me. I don't enjoy this.

So Mr. Nice Guy wrote back to me, another charming little note, I like his sense of humor. So I wrote again, a short e-mail. That was last night. I was quite sincerely thinking we could at least be friends.

And this morning I wake up hoping and praying that he totally forgets about me. I hope he finds some nice woman who doesn't have all these mental problems.


Yesterday I spent the afternoon, and when I say the afternoon I mean about one hour but it SEEMED like the entire afternoon, digging out multifloral rose bushes with my pickaxe. Then this afternoon I went to Jalal's blog and read his entry with the Google searches. OUCH!!! Apparently the muscles I laugh with are the same muscles I wield a pickaxe with.

I especially like the one about "Is love a waste of time or is it the worst thing in life?"


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