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4:46 p.m. - Saturday, Mar. 27, 2004
Try Your Dream Dictionary Out on This One
OK, those of you who believe that the meaning of dreams can be found in a book, tell me: what does it mean when I dream that the "key" I use to start my car is a beef-jerky-type doggie treat?

I don't know why I reject out-of-hand the notion that a universal meaning could attach to elements in dreams: there APPEARS to be a NEARLY universal set of facial expressions attached to the set of emotional or physical experiences that human have (the qualifiers added for the benefit of Derwin, who, I'm sure, will jump all over me anyway if I'm wrong). I just recently saw a collection of portraits of people taken during orgasm. They all look the same. Of course, that's anecdotal. Besides, dreams are so much more intellectual than the immediate, unthinking connection between, say, sudden pain and the facial expression that follows it by half a second.

I took a nap this afternoon and dreamed that my ex-boyfriend of long ago had hidden my computer as a "joke" and wouldn't give it back. So when I woke up I got on the computer and finally answered the e-mail from Mr. Nice Guy (see previous entry).


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