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7:04 p.m. - Monday, Mar. 22, 2004
Warning! Another Dream Entry!

It's so easy for those people on Coast to Coast AM, whenever he's got a dream interpretation expert on either the expert, or the person having the dream, has these sudden insights that explain it all. This woman was dreaming about losing her two front teeth; the expert said, "What do your two front teeth do for you?" She immediately said, "They help me smile." Turns out the recurring dream was about the fact that her boyfriend didn't like the way she looked when she smiled, so she was trying not to smile.

When I ask myself, "What do slow-moving and infrequent freight trains passing very close to my house do for me?" I immediately say, "Not a goddamn thing." That's no help.

There are several constant elements in these recurring Freight Train dreams:

=> There's a single track, it curves, and it passes right next to my house or through my yard.

=> The track's been there since I bought the house, but it's used so infrequently that I almost forgot about it.

=> The freight train that passes by on this track is moving very slowly, so that I don't feel at all endangered by it. Rather, I feel thrilled about having a freight train go by so close to my house, even though its proximity necessarily lowers the value of my property.

Last night's manifestation had an unusual element: when I first moved in and had the chain-link fence put up around the backyard to keep the dogs in, I had two drive-through gates installed where the railroad track intersected with the fence, to allow the train to come into and go out of the yard. A train had come while I wasn't home, and someone involved with the train had opened the gates to let the train through. By the time I got home, the train had passed through both gates, but no one had come to close them again. I was thinking, "Oh, great, if this happens again while I'm at work, the gates will be standing open all day and the dogs will get out." I was trying to figure out how to deal with that, when suddenly I decided, screw it, I'm just going to call Flaharty Construction and have them put up two more lengths of fence running parallel to the tracks. It'll cost a lot of money, but it'll solve a problem I have with the dogs, so it's worth it.

It's amusing sometimes to see how dreams take an event or emotion from the previous day and translate it into other terms. This is not one of those instances. I am not amused. I think that when you have recurring dreams, your subconscious is really trying to tell you something. And then the transmutation and poetic images become just so much clown make-up concealing the real face of your dream. I would like this dream to cut out the theatrics and just tell me what the hell it means.

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