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9:45 p.m. - Sunday, Mar. 07, 2004
I Want My MENOPAUSE!!!!!

Sand in my hair. High winds today. On impulse went to the beach, with Martha, to see the waves. Wind was kicking up the sand everywhere. Could hardly see, with the cold wind bringing tears to my eyes. Fun, though. Yeah, I call cold wind and sand in my eyes and hair FUN.

I'm always relieved when my period starts and I realize that it's only PMS, not insanity. And that I shall climb up out of this hell in a few days.

For the moment, I'm sick to death of the sound of my own voice (figuratively speaking), so I'll shut up (figuratively speaking) and post another picture, although that's like posting a thousand words spoken in my own voice, isn't it, since I took the picture, — but then, not really, because any idiot could have taken this picture, but only one idiot could have written this prose.


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