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2:57 p.m. - Tuesday, Mar. 02, 2004
My Bad Mood Is in a Bad Mood
I was going to save Dennis Byrne's column from yesterday, just to quote him accurately, but I forgot.

He was talking first about Mel Gibson's movie, which he had been to see. About how powerful it is, or something. About how it's all our fault that Jesus had to go through that.

Then he segued into war and abortion, equating the two. Saying that both are the result of hate, selfishness and a few other choice nouns that I forget.

In other words: same old Dennis Byrne. Arrogant, self-righteous, convinced that anyone who disagrees with him about life beginning at conception is evil, hateful, selfish, etc.

In other words: he came through The Passion of the Christ completely unchanged.

'nuff said?


I'm sorry I can't write more, but I am going through a serious episode of depression. It has been going on how long? since before my vacation, anyway. I have been very busy and that may be part of it. I might feel better if I could slow down, listen to some music, read The Education of Henry Adams, which I've just started but have only read the Intro written by somebody else because, of course, in my life literature comes after cleaning up dog crap, shopping for groceries, doing the laundry, canning pea soup, and typing 'n' filing so I have more money to go grocery shopping and feed the dogs so they have the wherewithal to crap some more.

I'd LIKE to stop and read, and listen to music, but I want to live in a house that's fit for human habitation; is that so wrong?

Got my taxes done, at least. My federal refund balanced out exactly against what I owe Indiana, and I owe $2 to Illinois.

Went for a long walk at lunch today. Saw the Shiites around the Cultural Center for (I gather) the Ashoura celebration, if celebration can be the right word. Carrying banners saying something like: "Islam: the religion of GOD!" The walking made me feel better, but the banners made me feel worse. So it all balanced out, like my taxes. Like Dennis Byrne, I came back unchanged.

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