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8:42 p.m. - Friday, Feb. 06, 2004
The Continuing Adventures of a Cheapskate Photographer


You don't have to have a CHEAP camera to take crappy pictures, but it sure helps!

Observe how the light falls across the snow. ...What? you can't see nuthin'? Well, maybe you could if my camera wasn't a piece of sh*t. But trust me on this: the light falls across the snow, leaping over the footprints, gliding smoothly across the untrodden stretches, slipping past the shed on the left and the barn on the right. Finally, where the melting snow has been dripping all day from the barn roof onto a sapling below, a cascade of little icicles catches the light and throws it at the camera's lens like a handful of diamonds ... or it would, if my f*cking camera wasn't a piece of sh*t.

Why don't I buy a better camera, you ask? Because I'm a cheapskate. It seems totally pointless to spend $900 on a camera just so I can post purty pichers in my diary. I'd rather stick with the $99 camera and post crappy ones.

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