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3:49 p.m. - Friday, Jan. 30, 2004
OK, I couldn't html my way out of a paper bag, so don't laugh when I tell you that I spent all afternoon setting up my links page (see "LINKS" at right) and now I'm simply exhausted.

It's all Sam's fault. I used to use his links as my links, because he knows tons of interesting blogs. But he changed the design of his blog and it's a great design, mind you, but I find the links part a bit difficult to use. So I set up my own. I'll probably find it just as difficult to use.


We're having some very cold weather (high of 5 degrees F today). It's amusing how I always worry about my poor outdoor doggies in very cold or very warm weather. And then I get home and they are FINE. They don't even know it's cold. Those Labradors are tough dogs.

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