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1:17 p.m. - Friday, Jan. 09, 2004
**beep beep* WARNING! Song Lyric Entry!
A-Huggin' and A-Chalkin'

by Clancy Hayes and Kermit Goell

Provided for Educational and Research Use Only..


1946..Hudson Music Corp.

Recorded by Johnny Mercer on Capitol Record #334.

I gotta gal that's mighty sweet,
With blue eyes and tiny feet.
Her name is Rosabelle Magee,
and she tips the scale at three o three,
Oh! Gee- but ain't it grand to have a girl so big and fat
that when you hug 'er you don't know where you're at.
You have to take a piece of chalk in your hand
And hug a way and chalk a mark to see where you began.

One day when I was a-huggin' and a-chalkin'
And a-chalkin' and a-huggin' away,
When I met another fella with some chalk in his hand,
Comin' around the other way
'round the mountain. Comin' around the other way.

Nobody ever said I'm weak.
My bones don't ache and my joints don't creak.
But I grow absolutely limp,
Ev'ry time I kiss my baby blimp.

Oh! One day I had a yen for some one leaner,
she was meaner
than a mink in a pen.
So I left her, now I'm happy as a fella could be
Huggin' and chalkin' once a gain 'round my Rosie
Huggin' and chalkin' once again.

One day I was a-huggin' and a-chalkin'
And a-beggin' her to be my bride,
When I met another fella with some chalk in his hand
Comin' around the other side of the mountain
Comin' around the other side.


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