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1:19 p.m. - Monday, Dec. 29, 2003
Brain cells ... dying ... must write ... entry .........
The stats for this site are so boring; people who get here by accident are looking for innocuous things like "highly sensitive person" and "incontinent dogs." By the way, I would never known that there was some songwriter named Charles Nordstrom if someone hadn't accidentally found my rant about Christmas carols in Nordstrom's. But to kill some time, and perhaps to make the stats more interesting in the future, here are some of the searches that brought people to my parallel diary (I translate):

 Pervert

 Suck + photos

 "It was my first experience" + sex

 Photo calendar 2003 naked woman

 Pornographic gay sites

 Young women with big asses

 Photo naked man

 He sucks my dick

 Woman sucks horse

 Slut with long hair

 Doing the housework in the evening tired

 Making love with your dog

 My wife sucks

 We can't kill time, it's time that kills us*


* Heh-heh. Not fast enough, though.


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