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12:58 p.m. - Thursday, Dec. 25, 2003
Obligatory Xmas Entry
I'm going to go to my niece's house in an hour or so for the family Christmas dinner. Her boyfriend is going to make a deep-fried turkey. I understand that this sort of thing is done in the South, and he's from Alabama. Well, it will be interesting.

Aside from general contribution I made for buying a bunch of tools for H. and her boyfriend to set up housekeeping, I also went to the German market in the Daley Plaza and bought them four Christmas-tree ornaments in the shape of birds.

Boss #1 gave me a gift card from Home Depot and another from Best Buy, so maybe I will actually get a DVD player. Or maybe not: my answering machine quit on me, so I have to buy another. He also gave me a gift card from Starbuck's. :) Boss #2 gave me cash and Godiva chocolates. That's very nice, also. These two bosses know how to make a minion happy.


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