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9:03 p.m. - Saturday, Dec. 20, 2003
I'm Cold. Mmmmm, bacon.
So the refrigerator guy came this morning. Turns out that what I thought was aliens attempting to communicate with me via my refrigerator was actually just a bearing going dry. So I need a new ... something. Don't remember what it is, but it's only going to cost about $50. Some kind of motor thing. The guy ordered it and is going to come back next Saturday to install it. So goddamn, I have to clean the house AGAIN.

And I was sort of hoping he'd tell me the refrigerator is unrepairable so I'd have an excuse to get a new one. I don't know how old this one is, but it came with the house, which I bought 13 years ago. The side that faces the stove has been so splattered with hot grease and god knows what else, I can't even get that stuff off. Doesn't help that I waited until it petrified before I tried to get it off. Or maybe it was there when I bought the house. I don't remember.

Actually, the fact that the refrigerator has been running for 13 years and until now it's never needed any repair at all is amazing. I hope my Subaru goes 13 years without a repair. Aside from the recalls, I mean, which don't count because they don't cost me anything.

This is a stupid, rambling entry, but I'm really tired. And cold. I get incredibly cold sitting in front of the computer. I think I get hynotised by the computer screen and my body goes into hibernation mode, my metabolism slows down, whatever.

My ex used to cook up a whole package of bacon every Sunday morning. Mmmmm. Bacon. I love bacon, but I never make it for myself, because if I ever allowed myself to enter the Bacon Spiral, I would end up on the Jerry Springer show after they knocked out a wall of my house and lifted me out with a construction crane. Once a year, on my birthday, my dad takes me to the Old Country Buffet for breakfast and I have all the bacon I want. Just once a year.

These bacon-related remarks brought to you by the petrified grease on the side of my refrigerator.

I've got some of that Goo Gone stuff, I should try that.

Had enough yet? Thought so.


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