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3:25 p.m. - Thursday, Dec. 04, 2003
Conspicuous in Public
I like to be inconspicuous. I hate to do anything whatsoever in public that could attract attention to myself. So it isn't easy for me to stop in the lobby of the LaS*lle Bank building, where there are guards posted at each end giving everyone the "are you a terrorist?" hairy eyeball, in order to raise my camera over my head and shoot a picture of myself in the mirror on the ceiling. But I did it today. Results to be posted in my parallel diary when I get home tonight.

Nor is it easy for me to kneel down on the sidewalk along LaS*lle Street to shoot a picture of myself reflected in the shiny metal of the fire hose connection panel on the outside of a building. (Nor is it easy for me to get up afterwards.) But I did it today. Results to be posted ...

I don't know, I just made a remark about "I don't like mirrors," and from that, I decided to get all sorts of different shots of my reflection in mirrors or mirror-like surfaces. Just to be weird. Because I have nothing better to do. And life must be got through somehow, as Samuel Johnson said.


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