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8:37 a.m. - Sunday, Nov. 30, 2003
Incontinent Refrigerators
To all the people who keep coming here by googling "incontinent dogs": Maya has not had an accident since she started on the estrogen therapy. Ask your veterinarian or other animal health professional about this possibility.


On the refrigeration front, I successfully ignored the unearthly noises all night and now they are quieter and more intermittent. This is a sign that either: (1) the "ignore it and maybe it will go away" therapy has once again worked, or (2) my refrigerator is entering the final stages of dying.

Just to be safe, I'm cleaning behind, next to, under the refrigerator so I won't be TOO embarrassed if I have to call the refrigerator repairperson. I'm cleaning places I haven't cleaned in about 3 years. It isn't fun.


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