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9:02 a.m. - Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2003
So I walk out of my front door this morning into the oddly mild, foggy November darkness, and when I get to my garage door I see in the 40-watt light that the garage door is covered with slugs, about a dozen of them. I certainly don't have time to pick them off; they're just going to have to go for a ride. So I turn the key in the opener and up goes the door, clunkety-clunkety-clunk; I back the car out and hit the remote; down comes the door, clunkety-clunkety-clunk, still covered with slugs, although some of them are now looking a bit uneasy. Wow. I gave those slugs the most excitement they're going to have all day. A veritable Six Flags for Slugs, a scary but ultimately harmless ride on a gigantic machine.

All I can say is, they better get off the garage door before the weather turns cold this evening, or I'm going to have a dozen slugs frozen to my garage door all winter.


At work. Bored. Can feel my brain cells dying one by one. Must find something to do. Bye.


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