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4:30 p.m. - Sunday, Nov. 02, 2003
Pickaxe Fever
Aside from "ouch," I also want to say, "Wow! Pickaxes are great!" I just used one to dig out seven privet-bush stumps. Lots of work and I'm sore now and I'll be even more sore tomorrow, but pickaxes are great! I never used one before. I had tried before to dig those stumps out with a shovel -- no dice. Now I'm in love with my pickaxe.

How pathetic. Rhapsodizing over a pickaxe. Just slightly better than rhapsodizing over a praying mantis.

My diary entries are rambling, incoherent, often self-contradictory (vide yesterday's), but I don't care. I like this outlet. If I had to make sense every time I write in here, where would the fun be?

You can do a lot with a pickaxe. Never forget that, as long as you live. It is knowledge that will serve you well, my children.


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