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1:04 p.m. - Thursday, Oct. 16, 2003
I Just Don't Get It
I've NEVER understood those people who have themselves frozen at their death in the hope that the society of the future will have the technology to revive them. I'm astonished that they would want to be revived. I'm even more astonished that they think the society of the future would want them revived.

Imagine: you are dying. You see the light. You go towards the light. You meet all your dead relatives. You become one with the light. Eternal bliss ... until 250 years later, the society of the future has the technology to revive you, and for some strange reason, wants to. So you are revived ... you are dragged out of the light, out of eternal bliss, back into a body that now has all kinds of freezer burns on it. And the society of the future has the technology to keep you alive forever, so you aren't getting out of that body again ... unless you commit suicide, in which case you aren't going back into the light, you're going into the furnace.

Heh-heh. Serves you right, you narcissistic jackass.


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