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3:54 p.m. - Wednesday, Oct. 08, 2003
The Banner-Whore's Lament
I hate it when that happens: you open up your buddy list and at the same time, an interesting banner pops up. Now, being a total banner-whore, I can't resist an interesting banner. Supposing I never see it again? So I click on it. Turns out to be a disappointment, more often than not, but I will never be able to stop myself from clicking on the next banner.

Anyway, after looking at the diary, I go back to my buddy list . . . and all the red ones have gone back to black.

I HATE that.


Today I bought a novel by Virginia Woolf: Mrs. Dalloway. I have never read any of her novels before. I've been trying to read it here at work, but that's difficult because it's noisy here, and people are coming and going, I can't concentrate.

I've been trying to read it, and trying to like it. I really want to like it, but... Maybe I should just shut up until I've read the whole thing.

I bought it because I wanted to buy Ms. magazine but I didn't want to buy just Ms. magazine. You know? Why should I care so much what a checkout person at Border's thinks of my choice of literature? It's friggin' weird. But if this little quirk of mine leads me to buy hoity-toity high-brow stuff like Virginia Woolf, I guess I shouldn't try cure myself of it.


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