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7:23 p.m. - Sunday, Oct. 05, 2003
Thank Goodness, I Don't Have to Redecorate
I was looking at a J. Jill catalog, looking at all those pretty things that I'm not going to buy, when I suddenly realized that the locations where they shoot those things -- not the beach scenes, but the interiors -- look a lot like my house! Especially those doors, with the splotchy paint and the worn doorknob. My kitchen door looks exactly like that! And here I was trying to find a new doorknob. Forget that! I don't have to do a thing, and I'm totally J. Jill.

Only, I wish they'd do some shoots in settings with tacky 40-year-old linoleum peeling up from the floor and ill-fitting plastic windows, so I won't have to do anything about my front porch.


Tired as friggin' hell. Two weeks until my vacation.


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