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1:02 p.m. - Friday, Aug. 29, 2003
For Whom the Little Travel Alarm Clock Ticks
The fan was running, and I convinced myself that it was causing that "tick-tick-tick" I was hearing as I drifted off to sleep. But after taking the dogs out for their 3:00 AM leak, I turned the fan off and the ticking went on. It was my little wind-up travel alarm clock, which I haven't wound up since the last major power failure -- about 3 weeks ago. The damn little thing just started ticking on its own.

Probably, the last time I wound it, it didn't run all the way down. Probably, some little mechanism inside got stuck and finally, last night, got itself unstuck due to a change in atmospheric pressure or the influence of Mars.

However, I prefer to think that someone from the Other Side stopped by and wound it up, just to play a trick on me. It was a playful rather than malevolent trick: the malevolent trick would have been to wind it up and SET THE ALARM. I'd like to think it was Andy. Maybe on the Other Side, dogs have thumbs.


My mind is so sparsely furnished with words. I am simply astonished by all these other diarists who churn out lengthy entries every day. I think I'm writing a whole lot, and when I look at the finished page it's a few short paragraphs. My mind is flooded with images and ideas but barren of words. When I try to put the images into words, it comes out like the rough draft of a skeleton outline. Pathetic.


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