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12:59 p.m. - Friday, Aug. 22, 2003
I Just Don't Get the Kangol Cap Worn Backwards
I simply adore "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy" and since I'm too cheap to spring for cable, I have to wait for those rare (about three, I think) occasions when it shows up on network TV. So last night, when by chance I stumbled upon it (by chance, because it wasn't even in the TV guide), I was simply delighted. However... I must say this.... they way they dressed that guy -- not the raw-silk sweater and linen-looking pants he ended up in, which I liked, but the other stuff -- the hip-hop look -- where they had him in an oxford shirt over a t-shirt with a shorter white jacket over it, pink mirrored sunglasses and a white Kangol cap worn backwards ... I simply must say this: yech.

Sans doute, this reaction betrays my complete lack of fashion sense. Sans doute, everyone outside of Indiana found him devastatingly handsome in that get-up.

Me, I have this bizarre fetish: I find guys in conservative, dark, well made suits extremely attractive. Especially younger guys. Especially when they take off their jacket, and there they are in just shirtsleeves and a tie and well tailored wool trousers ... oh my God, I just want to jump their bones right there. I'm sick, sick, sick.


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