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10:00 p.m. - Sunday, Aug. 17, 2003
I Think I Sweated My Brain Out Through My Mosquito Bites
I bought all those books at a time when my perception of reality was warped by the fact that I was well rested.

I'd really like to care about the birth and death of meaning, really, I would, but summer is a time of working outside, being swarmed by mosquitoes, sweating like a pig and being completely mindless.

This time of year you can't hear yourself think outside, at night, for the racket the katydids are making. Although why you'd be thinking outside, I don't know. Maybe you don't have a nice quiet house like mine. Why you'd be thinking, I don't know. Maybe you didn't spend all day pulling weeds and mowing the lawn and mulching the raspberries and fighting the mosquitoes, the way I did.


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