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8:59 a.m. - Thursday, Jul. 31, 2003
Satan and Mosquitoes
So I overcame my scruples and submitted a banner. If Mr. All-the-Churches-Are-in-League-with-Satan can do it, so can I.

Actually, after reading about the Pope's new campaign against equal rights for gay human beings, I'm beginning to wonder if Mr. All-the-Churches-Are-in-League-with-Satan may actually be correct. In which case I libeled him in calling him delusional, and I apologize.


Andy was sulking in the yard yesterday, so I went to talk to him. It occurred to me that perhaps he was sulking because of the mosquitoes, which are terrible now, due to all the rain this month. They can't get to him through his thick fur, of course, but those certain marginal areas of his body where the fur diminishes -- such as that strip just above the wet part of his nose, and a circle around each eye -- were covered with the blood-sucking little monsters. If I had five mosquitoes on my nose, I'd be sulking, too. Yet he was making no effort to brush them off. None of the dogs even seem to notice when they've got mosquitoes on their faces.

So I got the Advantage flea stuff (in the hopes that mosquitoes wouldn't like it either) and the Deep Woods mosquito repellent and put them both on him. I sprayed the Deep Woods in my finger and dabbed at those delicate areas of his face where the mosquitoes were attacking him.

What I'm asking myself now is whether his sense of smell, so unimaginably sharper than my own, might not be more offended by the citronella-like stench of the Deep Woods than his skin is by the bites of mosquitoes. It's difficult to get inside a dog's head when their senses are so different from ours, in terms of sharpness and distribution. I'm eye- and hand-oriented and he's nose- and ear-oriented. It's amazing we get along as well as we do.


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