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11:56 p.m. - Saturday, Jul. 19, 2003
A Day in Slow Motion
Got up in the morning with good intentions, had breakfast, paid bills, then at 9:00, just as I was going to listen to Car Talk and make coffee for the week, tiredness overwhelmed me. Had to lie down, simply had to. Slept for nearly two hours. Got up with good intentions. Went to grocery store, bought groceries and cold medicine. Came home. Took cold medicine. Slept for nearly three hours. Got up with good intentions. heh heh heh. Spent the next three hours alternately cleaning the house and watching t.v., as I felt able or exhausted. At any rate, the house is clean, the laundry's done, the bills are paid. I just took some night-time cold medicine; I hope it lets me sleep.

Sometimes I think my body opens itself up to infection just because it wants me to rest. If I hadn't been so miserably sick all day, I'd have been out working like a dog in the yard. I'm even planning to mow the backyard tomorrow if I'm not too sick. The only way I can justify resting is if I'm sick. Hence, I think, my body accommodates me. I'm sick: I can rest; It's worth the trade-off.


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