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8:35 a.m. - Friday, Jul. 18, 2003
That'll Learn Me
As if to teach me to rhapsodize on him, last night Morpheus gave me one of the college-exam nightmares. I won't go into the details. And then my neurotic dogs woke me at, as I thought, 4:20 AM, demanding to go outside, and I ungraciously accommodated them, only to discover, once outside, that it was 'way too light to be 4:20 AM, and in fact my dogs can tell time better than I can. So they prevented me from being an hour late to work this morning, which ought to stop me complaining about them for a while.

The reason I didn't know what time it was is that the power went out yesterday evening, and in finding and setting my little wind-up alarm clock I somehow got confused and set it an hour behind. A very violent storm passed through Grand Bluff not long before I got home: violent enough to knock a tree down onto a power line and cause a big back-up on Grand Boulevard. I was actually frightened, as I got closer to home, that when my own house came into view there would be a gigantic elm lying on top of it.

There was no gigantic elm lying anywhere, however; just lots of hail, some of it about 1" in diameter. I missed that storm, but another one came soon after, knocking out the power and generally inconveniencing me.


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